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    Helping Professionals

    Are you a professional that involves serving others, like healthcare, first responder, law, teaching, or therapy?

    Do you remember when you first set off on your journey of becoming a service professional? Were you excited to help others? Perhaps you were following in your family’s footsteps?

    Do you end up taking care of others so much that you end up taking care of yourself last? Regardless of your reasons, there are certain parts of the job that can be quite draining and detrimental to mental wellness.

    If you need a safe and confidential space to process challenges at work, you are in the right place.

    I have a passion for “helping the helpers” and their relationships. Service professionals are an integral part of our community, yet our well-being is not often a priority. There’s also a lot stigma around seeking mental health treatment. I’d like to be part of the conversation that changes this. 

    Not everyone’s experience is the same and each person can process stress differently. However, if you would like to explore treatment options in a safe and confidential space, please reach out for your free 15-minute phone call.