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    Adolescent Therapy

    As they grow, adolescents develop social skills and emotional intelligence. This awareness helps them to develop into healthy, happy, and successful individuals. Some teens have trouble processing their emotions and this often leads to behavior that negatively impacts their school life, home life, and overall well-being. 

    Effective Forms of Therapy for Adolescents

    Therapy offers adolescents a safe space to work through their thoughts and emotions. With the help of a specialized therapist, they can resolve problems, modify behaviors, and make positive and lasting changes.

    The following are a few different types of psychotherapy available to teens and families. Each offers unique approaches and techniques to bring about positive outcomes. Sometimes a therapist may choose to use just one specific treatment, and other times he or she may find a combination of various treatments is the best approach.

    Collaborative Therapy 

    Collaborative Therapy encourages growth and change through relationship and working together. The adolescent and clinician co-create new understandings and explore new perspectives. This approach gives teenagers a sense of autonomy in their treatment and honors their voice.  

    Emotional-Focused Therapy

    Emotional-Focused Therapy is a model commonly utilized with couples and has been adapted over time to work with individuals and adolescents process their inner emotions and attachment safety within their relationships. EFT provides context and understanding to emotions that can be overwhelming. 

    Family Therapy

    Family Therapy is great for helping families improve communication, so they can resolve issues. Sessions can include the entire family, including siblings, parents, and grandparents, or just one or two individuals. I find my most successful outcomes for adolescent therapy include at least some level of family therapy work to improve relationships and increase understanding between family members to best support your teen’s growth and development. 

    Who is Therapy Right for?

    At any age, teenagers can be faced with life’s challenges. The following are some of the events and scenarios that can impact their mental health and well-being:

    • The death of a loved one
    • Bullying
    • Physical or sexual abuse
    • Dating & peer relationships
    • Intimate partner violence
    • Moving or attending a new school
    • Divorce
    • Social anxiety
    • Depression
    • ADHD
    • Eating disorders
    • Family relationships

    Therapy is not a quick fix to a teen’s behavioral or emotional issues. It is instead a thoughtful and comprehensive process that provides teens with insights and skills so that they may become masters of their thoughts and feelings. This, in essence, is how teenagers develop into happy, healthy, and successful adults.

    If you would like to explore treatment options for you and your teen, please give my office a call.